4 Common Problem Areas of a Roof System

4 Common Problem Areas of a Roof System

Regular inspection and maintenance are necessary for keeping your roof in good condition, especially when it can preempt a potentially bigger roofing problem that could lead to costly roof or gutter repair. Make your inspections more efficient by familiarizing yourself with the common roofing problem areas:

4 Common Problem Areas of a Roof System

  1. Fascia board – The fascia board is the horizontal piece that helps prevent rainwater from seeping into the roof deck, and if properly maintained, also helps prevent ice dams from forming. This is the part of the roof that the gutters are attached to. As the fascia board is often made of wood, moisture intrusion is a common problem due to nail punctures and peeled or chipped paint creating entry points for moisture. When conducting a roof inspection, pay attention to the fascia board – no bare wood should be visible when conducting a roofing inspection – and have these issues fixed before they lead to wood rot. We also recommend investing in gutter systems that use brackets instead of nails to minimize water intrusion.

  2. Soffit – The soffit is the exposed area right under the roofing eave, and is typically covered with a vent panel that helps ventilate the attic. Check the vent panel for cracks, missing parts or enlarged holes (as they can be ideal entry points for birds, rodents or other pests). If you see these signs, the soffit panels may have to be replaced.

  3. Flashing –  Roof penetrations such as chimneys, skylights or dormer windows require flashing to protect the penetration point from leaks. Flashing is typically made of metal, and is vulnerable to oxidization from constant exposure to external conditions. It can also be knocked loose by wind. If you notice missing or damaged flashing, have it addressed by a roofing professional as soon as possible.

  4. Gutters – Gutters are typically considered a separate system, but they work together with the roof to safely direct rainwater and snow to the ground and away from your home’s foundation. If your gutters look like they’re sagging or you see signs of leaks, have your gutters serviced by a professional.

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