4 Roof Threats You Need to Look Out For This Winter

4 Roof Threats You Need to Look Out For This Winter

Winter can be a particularly challenging time for your roofing system due to the weather conditions this time of the year. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to be prepared so it can go a long way if you know what issues you need to be alert for.

In this article, Chase Roofing LLC lists the four roof threats you have to look out for this winter season.

  1. Sleet – Sleet is a form of precipitation that often occurs when snow melts into rain above the ground, before refreezing in a layer of freezing air just above its surface. The result is that the snowflake becomes a frozen raindrop or small ice pellets that can cause minor damage to your roof upon impact.
  1. Freezing Rain – Freezing rain can happen the same way sleet can but the wedge of warm air aloft has to be thicker, allowing the raindrop to survive until it comes into contact with the ground. This can coat your roof in ice when the raindrop comes into contact with the surface. This can be a problem as the ice can cause your roof to leak.
  1. Snow – As much as possible, prevent snow from accumulating on your roof or gutter with the aid of roof repair experts as they can cause leaks in your roof and the weight can cause your gutters to sag or separate from your home.
  1. Hail – Surprisingly enough, hail can also occur during the winter season. While it may be a rare occurrence, being cautious against hail can still pay off. This is because the hailstones, especially the larger ones, can cause major damage to your roof that not only results in leaks, but damaged shingles as well.

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