4 Types of Damage to Watch Out for During Thunderstorms

4 Types of Damage to Watch Out for During Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms can cause significant damage to your home, which can eventually compromise its structural integrity and safety. In this article, Chase Roofing LLC, the area’s trusted roofer,  lists some of the things you should look out for during a thunderstorm. We also offer some tips on how you can prepare for and protect your home against these conditions.

Hail Damage

Different parts of your home can be damaged by hail. Your windows, for instance, are among the most susceptible to hail damage. You can reinforce them by installing wind shutters, which are designed to defend windows against high winds and hail.

Wind Damage

Strong winds can rip the siding and cause large and small debris to fly towards your home. To prevent this kind of scenario, you should regularly trim the tree branches in your property. You can also tie down large items or structures that could fly away and hit your home. If you have outdoor furniture, you might want to store them inside your home until the storm passes.

Tornado Damage

There’s really not much that you can do to prepare for a tornado. But apart from keeping your home well-maintained, you might want to consider reinforcing your roofing. If you have a shake roof, add more nails. If you have a slate roof, you can seal it with cement. For asphalt roofs, your best recourse is to conduct an inspection after.

Flood Damage

To prevent flooding, make sure that the ground is sloped away from the foundation. Also, regularly clean the storm drains, gutters and downspouts. Ensure that these are not blocked by leaves or other debris so that rainwater can flow efficiently.

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