4 Ways You Can Add More Years to Your Roof

4 Ways You Can Add More Years to Your Roof

Most roofs don’t live until the end of their life span due to extreme weather conditions and poor maintenance. If you want to keep your roofing in Newport News, VA, in top shape, heed these advices from Chase Roofing:

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1. Mind Moss Growth

Moss may create a green roof impression, but it’s detrimental to your home. It traps water, which would weaken the structure of your roof over time. You can have roofers sweep it off in its early stages, but a large buildup requires a more demanding cleaning chore. Our skilled inspector will assess your roof moss problem is and provide you with sound recommendations.

2. Deter Ice Dams

Snow is never good for your roof, which is why it’s imperative to remove any snow buildup to avoid leaks. Ice dams occur because the plane of your roof is warmer than the eaves. The best solution is to keep your attic not too hot during winter. This prevents the snow from melting only to re-freeze upon reaching the edges.

Other than sufficient insulation, proper attic ventilation is the key. Get your vents inspected and get a roof repair in Hampton, VA, if necessary. This prevents icicle formations no matter how negligible they may be.

3. Keep Gutters Clog-Free

A clogged gutter system is a serious cause for concern. When rainwater and snowmelt cannot get all the way down to the ground, they would seep into your home. They could dampen parts of your home that are supposed to be dry.

You need to check gutters and downspouts occasionally to ensure that they’re free from debris. You also have to get a sagging and leaky gutter system fixed immediately to prevent water damage. At Chase Roofing, we offer quality options to make sure your home is free of water damage.

4. Cut Overhanging Branches

The safe distance between your roof and tree branches should be about 10 feet. When they get too close, trimming them is a sound preventive measure. Fallen branches are a major cause of roof damage. For any signs of punctured roofing or damaged shingles, schedule a roof repair in Newport News, VA, from us right away.

Develop an active routine maintenance plan to get ahead of leaks and add more years to your roof. Chase Roofing will be happy to help you with your home improvement needs. Call us today at (757) 333-0052 to schedule an inspection at your convenience.