All About Gutters Part 2: Essential Gutter Maintenance Tips

All About Gutters Part 2: Essential Gutter Maintenance Tips

We should always be proactive when it comes to roofing and gutters. Finding potential problems and promptly addressing them early will save you money. We can also deal with problems as they manifest, but by then, it might be too late. Sticking to a regular gutter maintenance program may be the most effective way to prevent damage to your roofing. It’s less stressful and less costly than an average gutter repair job.

Last time, we tackled the ill effects of clogged gutters. This time around, Chase Roofing, LLC will explain how gutter maintenance benefits your roof.

Prevent Leaks

Your gutter system ensures the proper flow of rainwater and snowmelt from the roof to the ground. Any blockage causes water to either pond or seep into places where it shouldn’t reach. Clogged gutters and downspouts lead to roof-related water intrusion. Strong winds can blow leaves and branches off nearby trees into your gutters. Trim these trees to avoid clogged gutters.

Exposes Loose and Balding Shingles

Gutter maintenance can uncover loose and balding shingles. Surface granules protect shingles from premature deterioration due to UV exposure. As shingles age, these granules loosen, leaving behind bald shingles. Loose granules in the gutters signal the need for roof repair or replacement.

Age, though, is not always the only cause. Manufacturing defects, blistering, hail, foot traffic or branch friction are also to blame. The sooner you notice balding shingles, the earlier you can address them. Go to Chase Roofing, LLC for quality roofing products free of manufacturing defects.

Reduced Ice Damming

Ice dams can occur in winter even in a clean gutter system. Inefficient water flow due to clogged gutters, though, increases their likelihood. Preventing ice dams encourages you to keep your gutters and downspouts well-maintained.

And that concludes our two-part blog. Don’t consider gutter maintenance a thankless task; it benefits your home a lot. Invest in a gutter protection system from Chase Roofing, LLC. It will reduce a lot of your maintenance time and effort.

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