Areas of a Roofing System and Their Common Problems

Areas of a Roofing System and Their Common Problems

On the outside, a roofing system might look simple enough. But upon closer inspection, you’re likely to find that multiple components contribute to the seamless operation of the system. To ensure that your roof continues to function smoothly as a whole, Chase Roofing LLC shares the four areas and the corresponding problems to look out for.

Areas of a Roofing System and Their Common Problems


This weather-resistant barrier is usually made of aluminum or galvanized steel. The basic function of a flashing is mainly to seal and protect the joints and angles of the roof from water penetration. One of the common problems is material oxidation, which causes the flashing to deteriorate and come loose. The deterioration results in roof leaks.


Gutters are highly susceptible to clogging due to leaves, twigs and other debris. Mold and mildew are likely to form especially when the buildup includes stagnant water. While homeowners can do a temporary DIY repair using caulking and gutter sealant for small leaks and holes, it’s better to call expert roofing contractors to ensure that the gutter repair is properly done.


Made of wood or sheet metal, fascia is the board at the edge of the roof that acts as a protective layer against external elements like harsh weather and water damage. The most common problem encountered by damaged fascia is moisture. Water retention can be remedied by double-checking and securing the ends of the rafters and trusses where water might be able to seep in.


Improperly installed shingles are prone to curling, warping and breakage, making the exposed parts of your roof highly susceptible to deterioration. Extreme weather can also result in missing shingles, which you need to replace immediately to avoid further damage to the roof’s interior.

Regularly monitor all the components of your roofing system to ensure consistent optimal performance. When it comes to gutter and roof repair, Chase Roofing LLC offers the right solution at the right price. You can call us at (757) 333-0052 for just about any roofing issue you might have. We serve various areas in Newport News, VA.