Chase Roofing: Tips for Choosing Roof Colors

Chase Roofing: Tips for Choosing Roof Colors

Thinking about getting a new roof but can’t decide what color you’re going to choose? Yes, replacing a roof is going to be a big investment, and you’re going to be living with that roof for decades to come. So if you don’t want to live in a house with a mismatched roof, you should take extra care when choosing a roof color.

Aside from looks, what other things should you consider when choosing a roofing color? Chase Roofing, a trusted professional roofer in Williamsburg, VA, offers tips:

The Climate

The color of your roof can actually help make you and your family comfortable all year long. Generally, dark-colored roofs can retain heat well, which makes them perfect for colder climates. On the other hand, white and light-colored roofs can reflect heat back to the atmosphere, which makes them right for warm regions.

The Neighborhood

You can also get ideas from around your neighborhood. Just look at all your neighbors’ roofs and if any of them catch your eye, try to imagine them on your home. Just make sure that the roof you chose has the same architectural style as your home.

The Nature

You also might want to check out the colors around your home. If you have landscaping or if you’re surrounded by trees, rocks, and other elements of nature, you might want to go with the more natural feel of earth tone colors. This will make your house blend in better with its surroundings, making it more pleasing to the eye.

The Contractor

You will also need to get the opinion of a roofing contractor you can trust. Chase Roofing, for instance, has been providing quality roofing products and services in the area for years. We can surely help you with any of your roofing concerns—from choosing the right materials to securing the best roof colors.

So for your all your needs concerning roofing in Yorktown, VA, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, New Kent, and Poquoson, choose the roofer who has the expertise and years of experience in the roofing industry. Choose Chase Roofing.

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