How to Inspect Your Roof Properly

How to Inspect Your Roof Properly

Roofs are constantly exposed to the elements, so it will inevitably show signs of wear and tear. Addressing such issues are best left to roofing professionals, but it is always recommended to inspect your roof between scheduled roofing maintenance.

How to Inspect Your Roof Properly

The Importance of Doing Your Own Inspections

Doing your own roof inspections go hand-in-hand with scheduled professional roofing maintenance and conducting repairs. It helps to think of scheduled roof maintenance as your annual physical exam.

Scheduled roofing maintenance is the same. A roofing expert inspects your roof, assesses its condition and makes recommendations on issues that will need immediate roof repair. Between inspections, you should keep an eye on your roof’s condition. Conduct a visual inspection every three to six months and another after every storm and call for expert help if you do find issues.

Areas to Focus On When Inspecting Your Roof

Climbing the roof should only be done by professionals who use safety gear and training. That said, you can perform roof inspections safely on the ground, using only a pair of binoculars or a camera. Note down anything out of the ordinary.

Start with the main roof area and check for missing, loose or worn shingles, as well as for discoloration and signs of damage. If your roof has a regular pattern like traditional three-tab shingles, breaks in the pattern would be easy to spot. Note signs of mold or algae. Continue your inspection with the roof edges, then proceed to the flashing around protrusions like the chimney, vents and dormers. Finally, enter the house and check the ceiling for water stains; contact a roof repair specialist if you find them as these are severe signs of roof leaks.

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