Key Parts of GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System

Key Parts of GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System

GAF Lifetime Roofing System offers a healthy mix of beauty, durability, and efficiency. Most of the credit goes to the shingles, but the system comprises a strong supporting cast working hard behind the scene. The GAF Master Elite™ roofer in Williamsburg, VA, Chase Roofing, talks about every single component that makes up the outstanding Lifetime Roofing System:

Roofing System

Leak Barriers

After we remove the old roof and restore the roof deck, we install the leak barriers along the edges. Their primary purpose is to protect the most vulnerable areas against leaks caused by home settling and extreme conditions.

Roof Deck Protection

This underlayment serves as an uncompromising layer of defense from wind-driven downpours for the rest of the roof deck. It also lets damaging moisture to get out of your attic, preventing overheating your interior.

Starter Strip Shingles

Other than expediting the installation of your replacement roofing in Hampton, VA, pre-cut starter strip shingles guard the material from blow-offs. They have factory-applied adhesive strips that help shingles remain secure when exposed to high winds.

Lifetime Shingles

Tough, stunning, and ageless, GAF’s Lifetime Shingles stand out on the market. They’re available in a broad range of colors, dimensions, and textures to mimic the realistic look of slate and wood at a fraction of the cost.

The Lifetime Shingles also feature the revolutionary Advanced Protection® Technology. Compared with old-fashioned products, all GAF shingles boast the best combination of weight and performance. They have passed the industry’s strictest tests. The result is an unprecedented, long-term shingle performance. You can rest assured that your shingles would remain strong against the worst of Mother Nature and grow old without aging.

Exhaust Vents

We install them at the ridges to help ventilate your attic. With proper air circulation, your home naturally removes the excess moisture that can cause premature roof failure.

Ridge Cap Shingles

To safeguard the hips and ridges against the forces of nature, ridge cap shingles provide an excellent covering. Apart from preventing leaks, they also enhance the overall beauty of your roofing in Yorktown, VA.

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