Key Things You Need to Know about Roof Insurance Claims

Key Things You Need to Know about Roof Insurance Claims

Filing an insurance claim for a damaged roof is a tricky process. For an average homeowner, it’s a daunting task due to unfamiliarity with its ins and outs. Since a single mistake could put you at a disadvantage, it pays to turn to a roofing company that would help you navigate everything.

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For starters, Chase Roofing shares the key things you should know to advance your knowledge about the insurance claim process for a damaged roofing system:

Time is of The Essence

First, understand that time isn’t your ally. You should act with a sense of urgency the moment you realize you have a strong case to file a claim. Most insurance claims set a limited period for the insured to ask for compensation. Even if your policy clearly states you’re entitled to payment for your roof’s restoration, procrastinating the initial steps would work against you.

Some Policies Don’t Cover The Entire New Roof Cost

Any experienced roofer would say that each policy is different. It’s not uncommon for one not to cover the full cost of a new roofing system. Some policies prorate the payment based on the current age of the roof, paying only for its depreciated value.

Before you call your insurance company’s claims department, review your policy carefully. If there’s a deductible, or the portion of the covered loss you must pay, your insurer would most likely subtract it from the payment. You may also have to pay your chosen deductible amount before your insurance company would pay anything.

Denial of Claim Isn’t the End of Story

If your insurance company says no to your claim, you can still appeal the denial. Even if all you need is new gutters or a few replacement shingles, you should be compensated if your policy states so. You’re entitled to meet with three adjusters and even take your claim to arbitration if you and your insurer can’t reach a fair agreement.

At Chase Roofing, we’re here to advocate for your rights and ensure you get fully compensated for your rightful roof insurance claim in Yorktown, VA. We can thoroughly inspect your roof, document everything we find for evidence, provide a reliable estimate, and coordinate with your insurer. To talk about your needs, call us now at (757) 872-0700. We’ll be happy to help you recover from the unexpected and minimize the stress in the process.