Know Your Roof: Understanding Its Different Parts

Know Your Roof: Understanding Its Different Parts

Here’s what most people think about the roof: it’s the most visible part of the home and serves as its primary defense against the elements. There’s more to a roof than just being visible and providing protection, though. Under all those layers of shingles are different parts, and each of those parts plays an important role.

Know Your Roof

To provide better upkeep for your roof, you need to understand its different parts. Chase Roofing LLC shares some insights on the roles of these parts in the entire roofing system:


The decking is the base of your roofing structure, and the material it is made of can vary. Some roofing systems have plywood, oriented strand boards (OSB), metal or even concrete. This part is attached on the rafters to provide the foundation of your roof.


Over the decking comes the underlayment. This is added before contractors install the shingles. This serves as a temporary protection against the wind and rain before the shingles are installed. It also creates an additional barrier in case of missing shingles. Most homes use felt as a material for the underlayment.

Drip Edge

On top of the underlayment are aluminum strips called drip edge or eave flashing. The drip edge prevents water buildup on the roofing system, as it guides the water into the gutters through the eaves. Careful and proper installation of this part is important to avoid roof or gutter repairs soon after.


The visible portion of your roof that appears in layers are the shingles. These serve as the outer shell of the entire roofing system, providing your home protection against strong winds, rain and heat. Shingles come in a variety of materials, such as metal, asphalt and clay.

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