Repair or Replace? Roofing Signs to Look Out For

Repair or Replace? Roofing Signs to Look Out For

Have you ever been stressed out trying to decide whether that leak means you need a new roof or if repairs will be enough? We understand that diagnosing your roof’s condition isn’t always simple nor straightforward and often requires having a roofing expert look at it. As one such expert, let Chase Roofing LLC alleviate your stress by sharing how you can check your roof for signs.

Roofing Signs

Inspecting Your Roof

Start with a visual inspection. Go out on a clear day and, with a pair of binoculars, inspect every inch of your roof. Try to see it from as many angles as you can. In addition to your roof’s overall condition, pay special attention to the roof’s edges, the gutters, and anything that protrudes from the roof, such as dormers, chimneys and exhaust pipes. You will also need to climb your attic and inspect the underside of your roof deck.

Signs You Need Your Roof Repaired

One sure sign that your roof needs repair is if the problem is in an isolated spot; it could be a hole caused by impact from hailstone or a tree branch. Perhaps a part of the roof’s edge is torn off but the surrounding area isn’t affected. Your attic’s interior may only have signs of water damage at a certain spot. If this is the case, it’s more likely your roof will need roof repair.

Signs You Need a New Roof

Setting aside your roof’s age—asphalt shingle roofs over 25 years-old will typically require replacement—you might need a new roof if there are widespread conditions like cupping or curling shingles, loose shingles or even patches where shingles have gone completely missing. We recommend having your roof professionally inspected to determine your options. In some cases, repairs can prolong a roof’s life by a few years, long enough until the homeowner is ready for a full replacement.

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