Spring Roof Maintenance: Essential Tips for Homeowners

Spring Roof Maintenance: Essential Tips for Homeowners

For most people, spring can mean new beginnings. But, for the diligent homeowner, spring means cleaning.

Spring Roof Maintenance

As the snow melts, it provides homeowners the best time to air out their home and deal with some of the damage done by the winter season. This is especially true when it comes to your roof. Winter is the number one enemy of both residential and commercial roofing systems, especially for those in areas that had to face a daily barrage of winter storms.

So, how do you start roof maintenance once the spring season hits? Chase Roofing LLC is glad to share with you some of our thoughts:

Clear the Debris 

Leaves, pine needles and other small debris can accumulate in your gutters. While a few, small pieces are fine, a huge pile can hold excess moisture that might seep into the underlying structure of the roof. More water means more mildew, blocked gutters, extra weight on the roof and possible leaks that might only cost you more on roof repair.

Remove Moss

There’s another reason to remove debris that holds in moisture – moss growth on your roof. If there are tree branches covering certain parts of your roof, trim them to allow sunlight to dry the moisture. Another way to prevent moss growth is by installing zinc or copper strips to the ridgeline.

Fix Gutter Damage

Another critical area you need to check once the ice thaws is your gutter system. Due to heavy snow during winter, leaves and debris can clog the gutters. Before the springtime rain comes, be sure to check if water can flow easily down the gutters. This will help you prevent leaks, overflows and all the problems associated with blocked gutters and downspouts.

Even if winter has gone and passed, you shouldn’t put your guard down when it comes to your roof. Maintenance should be done all year round, starting with your roofing.

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