The Chase Roofing Solutions To 4 Modified Bitumen Issues

The Chase Roofing Solutions To 4 Modified Bitumen Issues

Built-up roofing systems are good, and so are single-ply systems. There is, however, a third option that’s even better for commercial roofing purposes: modified bitumen roofs. It is a cross between the two systems consisting of multiple layers of asphalt sheets reinforced with fiberglass and plastic or rubber variants.

The Chase Roofing Solutions To 4 Modified Bitumen Issues

Modified bitumen is one of the most viable materials for commercial purposes. It has its own weaknesses, though, which only an excellent roofer can address. The following are common issues with modified bitumen roofing systems:

1. Blistering

When modified bitumen roofing systems start to blister, it means that moisture has already penetrated it. Roofers can correct this issue by identifying moisture sources and replacing membrane areas that have been affected.

2. Puncturing

Several things can puncture a modified bitumen roof. Branches, debris, dropped tools, mechanical components, and even foot traffic are among them. Fortunately, roof repair specialists can patch punctures up with ease.

3. Warping

The edges of modified bitumen roofing systems are particularly prone to warping. The root cause of this problem is its constant exposure to sunlight.

4. Seam Failure

Roofers install modified bitumen in long sections of about 30 to 35 inches wide. Because of this, issues with the seams can arise in time, compounded by thermal expansion and improper installation. The good news is that roofers can easily correct such issues using adhesives or even  with a simple reheating processes.

Though these four issues pose legitimate concerns, but with proper maintenance and care, modified bitumen is an ideal roofing option. We can help you keep it in prime condition to ensure its longevity.

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