The Right Roof Thickness: 4 Factors to Consider

The Right Roof Thickness: 4 Factors to Consider

When you’re constructing your home’s roofing system, you have to make sure it’s structurally sound for it to perform well, paying attention to roof thickness. However, determining how thick your roof should be is not always an easy feat. In fact, there are a few elements you need to keep in mind when determining the thickness of your roof.

Here, the professionals of Chase Roofing LLC share the four important factors that help determine the thickness of your roof.

  1. Weight – The weight on your roof can be affected by the number of shingle layers installed on the system. In most communities, building codes will only allow a second layer of shingles as three can put too much strain on the entire system.

  1. Rafters – Rafters are the structural beams that support your roof sheathing and shingles’ respective weights. The size of these rafters will also help you determine your roof’s thickness. As a starting point, you can keep in mind that rafters usually range from 2×4’s to 2×12’s. The larger the rafters are, the thicker you can make your roof.

  1. Shingles –  Your average asphalt shingles add very little in terms of the roof’s thickness as a three-tab shingle is usually only about 3/16-inch thick. However, upon installation, these shingles overlap, doubling its thickness in turn. The material of the shingle you’ll be using can also determine how thick your roof will be as these materials tend to vary by the individual brand. For assistance in choosing shingles for your roof, simply turn to the roofing and gutter repair installation pros of Chase Roofing LLC.

  1. Sheathing – Standard roof sheathing usually consists of 4×8 plywood sheets or ½-inch thick oriented strand boards. Once again, how thick your roofing system can be will depend on the thickness of your roof’s sheathing. With that in mind, make sure to ask your contractor regarding the ideal thickness of the sheathing for your desired roof thickness.

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