The Top Benefits of Proper Attic Ventilation

The Top Benefits of Proper Attic Ventilation

These days, roofing projects have gone beyond placing the shingles on the deck. Other factors must come into play if you want your roofing system to last. One of these is proper attic ventilation. The idea of actually allowing a part of your home to be cold while the rest stay warm can give you the chills.


Your attic, however, is unlike other areas of your home and performs different functions. In order to do its job, you must allow it to breathe! Chase Roofing, LLC, the leading roofer in Williamsburg, VA, discusses the core benefits of proper attic ventilation:

Reduces Condensation

Attic ventilation reduces moisture condensation in your home during winter. When the warm air rises from the floor and meets the cold air in the attic, it condenses into moisture if there is no proper ventilation. This can lead to a range of problems like mold or rot on the roofing materials and any wood in the attic.

Prevents the Formation of Ice Dams

Ice dams occur when a cover of snow on a sloping roof melts from the heat below and slides down to the eaves. This snowmelt freezes again and forms ice dams or icicles, causing leaks and weight-related damage to the roofing and gutters. Attic ventilation prevents this by keeping the temperature just above freezing so it can’t melt the snow on the roof.

Improves Energy Efficiency

The enhanced air circulation from a vented attic helps remove hot air and reduces the temperature of your attic during summer. Ventilation also prevents hot, stagnant air from seeping into other areas of your home, since it will only find its way out. This way, your cooling system doesn’t have to work for prolonged periods just to achieve your preferred room temperature.

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