Tips on Preparing for Roof Repair

Tips on Preparing for Roof Repair

If you’re experiencing leaks, drafts or any other problems that may lead to roofing repair, then you should prepare to have it done as soon as possible. Chase Roofing shares some tips on preparing for an upcoming roof repair.

Tips on Preparing for Roof Repair

Have Your Roof Inspected by a Professional First

If you haven’t done so, and assuming you haven’t had roofing maintenance done recently, have your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor. It may sound redundant when you already have checked your roof, but there are several benefits to this, including having an accurate assessment of the roof’s condition and a thorough check for potential roof problems. At Chase Roofing, we include a complete inspection of our clients’ roofs when we’re called in for repairs, and we’ll leave no stone unturned.

Set a Budget

At the end of the inspection, you’ll be given a quote on how much the repairs will cost, including materials and labor. As with most remodeling, restoration and roof repair projects, having an emergency budget for unexpected expenses is essential. Ten to 20% of the quoted price is often enough to cover most emergencies.

Pick at Least Three Start Dates

You should anticipate the possibility of your chosen roofing contractor being unavailable on your preferred start date. Having at least three alternative start dates helps make the decision-making process easier, especially if you have to synchronize your schedule with the entire household.

Prepare Your Home  

Start preparing your home once you’ve already picked a start date. Roof repairs will generate a lot of dust and debris, so you should start covering your furniture and electronics with dust covers the day before the repairs begin. As most of the roofing work will take place outside, it would help if you can designate areas with access to the roof. We will take care of other preparatory steps like protecting the shrubbery and areas surrounding the roof. Roof repairs also tend to be noisy, so you may need to find accommodations for your kids or pets who may get upset by the noise, as well as informing your neighbors about the possible disturbance.

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