Tree Damage: How and Why It Happens

Tree Damage: How and Why It Happens

Trees are generally used as major components in landscaping. They help maintain the coolness of a place and provide shade during sunny days. However, they are also safety hazards. Trees can affect your home’s foundation, roofing and overall structural integrity. In this post, Chase Roofing, LLC shares common causes of tree damage.

Tree Damage: How and Why It Happens


A tree’s roots generally grow slowly, but when they do grow, they exert lots of pressure to move objects around them to create space. This causes the soil beneath the house to be displaced, which in turn affects the foundation. Roots can also sneak into pre-existing cracks, causing them to grow in size.

Additionally, the movement of roots under a building can cause uplift – due to roots pressing the soil up, or cause the floor to settle or sink unevenly due to soil displacement or water seeping in through the roots.


The leaves from the trees can also damage your roof gutter when they clog the pipes. Trees shed leaves daily and this problem is, unfortunately, inevitable. However, steps can be taken to help you avoid major repairs. In order to maintain the quality of your gutter system and the health of your roof, contact your roofer for preventive maintenance regularly, or have leaf guards installed.

Similar to this, trees can also be used by insects and pests as an entryway to your building. This is especially true if the trees’ branches are located near windows, skylights or any other part of the house that is opened and closed regularly. Broken branches can also break parts of your home that are made of glass, which can be extremely dangerous.

Before you think of requesting a window or skylight installation for your home, think of the possible dangers that could happen if there are trees nearby. Despite all these, there is no need to worry. Our expert contractors and professionals at Chase Roofing, LLC are here to help and assist you in all of your housing needs.

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