Video Blog: How to Keep a Leak-Free Roof

Video Blog: How to Keep a Leak-Free Roof

                                                          Leak Free Roof

You want to keep your home dry and damage-free. This means ensuring that your roof maintains optimum performance. You can make this happen by catching potential issues like roof leaks before they lead to something more serious.

While roof leaks are small annoyances, leaving them unattended can open up your home to extensive water damage. In fact, they can worsen enough to cause premature roof failure. You don’t want to go for an early replacement when you can prevent leaks from occurring in the first place. Chase Roofing, your experts for roofing in Hampton, VA, shares how you can keep a leak-free roof.

  1. Take a closer look at your roof’s edge. This involves examining your gutters’ current state. Make sure they’re still healthy and clog-free. Check behind the gutters, or drip edge, for signs of rotted wood, a common indication of roof leaks. If your roof has areas with hanging lights or décor, check them for wear and tear as well.
  2. Inspect the top of your roof. Skylights, pipes, chimneys, and other components that pop up from your roof’s surface will require an inspection. You need to make sure that there is no damage to the seals around them. Is your roof’s valley flashing in okay shape? It covers your system’s most vulnerable areas, so check them for cracks and holes. Torn or loosened flashing should prompt a consultation from your expert roofer in Williamsburg, VA, Chase Roofing. We’ll help you deal with roof leaks through our team’s exceptional repair work.
  3. Examine the inside of your attic. You’ll need to check for leaks inside your home too. Get your flashlight and climb up your attic. Constant exposure to water encourages rot and mold growth, so look for these in the woodwork. Other obvious signs include excessive moisture in the space, which can also cause your insulation to fail.

Before roof leaks compromise your home’s quality of life, go for a comprehensive roof inspection from Chase Roofing. We’ll visit your home and note your system’s current condition. We’ll also perform the necessary repairs to restore your roofing in Yorktown, VA, and further extend its life span. When you turn to us, we’ll help you achieve optimum weather protection and performance for your home.

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