What You Need to Know About Slate Roof Installation

What You Need to Know About Slate Roof Installation

Slate is known to be one of the most expensive roofing options out there. However, there’s more to slate roofs than just being an expensive roofing option. In this article, Chase Roofing LLC, the area’s preferred roofing company, talks about the important elements that play a major part in slate roof installation.

Here’s what to consider:

Where the Slate Came From

Slate is a metamorphic rock that is mined from different slate quarries all over the land. Knowing the location of the quarry where the slate material came from is crucial because some quarries are known to produce slate of better quality than other quarries. Slate is extremely durable, and slate roofs have been known to outlast the homes they’re installed on. With this is mind, you should look for slate that is warranted to last for at least 75 years (or even longer).

You can refer to the Slate Roofing Contractors Association website for a list of reputable slate manufacturers and quarries.

Installation Techniques

Any decent slate roof repair and installation company will know that the proper measurements for sidelap and headlap should be considered when dealing with slate roofs. Each slate sheet has to have an overlap of three inches on top and at least three inches on the sides. Add one or two more inches of headlap for the slate rows near the eaves of the roof.

Hardware Materials

To avoid galvanic corrosion, never use two different metals for slate roof flashing. Copper and stainless steel are the most ideal types of metal to use for slate roof flashing and nails.

Proper Equipment

A good roofer will have slate cutters, hammers, hooks, rippers and roof jacks when handling slate roofing to avoid damaging the material.

Professional Roofing

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