How Water Damage Can Affect Your Home

How Water Damage Can Affect Your Home

The tiniest leak on your roof can (and probably will) turn into a bigger hole, encouraging water to work down from your attic space to your home’s very foundation. It can also lead to unexpected and astronomical repair costs. Chase Roofing, LLC., your premiere roofing contractor, discusses how water damage can lead to various issues in your home.

Water Damage

Attic and Ceiling

The first area that will be affected by constant water intrusion is your attic. Water will eventually start to drip on your ceiling once the size of the leak starts to expand. Areas where the water starts to seep through will have noticeably darkened surfaces.

Scheduling professional roof repair can help you save time, money and effort. A trusted roofing company like Chase Roofing can offer a comprehensive inspection to determine your roof’s condition. We can also recommend services to help you improve your roof’s performance.


A faulty roofing system can cause mold formation. Mold can attack wood frames, ceiling tiles and floor coverings. It can also trigger asthma, rhinitis and nasal congestion, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Let professional roofers inspect your structure at least every three to five years to ensure the protection of your home and family.

Increased Energy Costs

Cellulose or fiberglass insulation reduces the amount of heat escaping from the interiors. These materials, however, are difficult to dry out when soaked. Chronic water intrusion can deplete the R-value, causing higher cooling and heating costs. Make sure to ask your contractor to check your home insulation.

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