Top Tips for a Stress-Free Roof Replacement Project

Top Tips for a Stress-Free Roof Replacement Project

Getting your roof replaced is always an exciting prospect but can also be stressful if you’re unprepared. We share some tips to minimize stress while getting the best work from your roofer:

Roof Replacement Budget

Record Everything in a Project Notebook

Keep track of your roof replacement project with a dedicated project notebook; you’ll find it convenient having all information related to your project compiled in one place. Any kind of durable notebook will work; you will need something to store your sketches, magazine clippings and printouts. We recommend notebooks that allow document storage so you can keep the contract and receipts in the same place.

Prepare an Emergency Budget

Unforeseen changes to a re-roofing project can be stressful for homeowners. These changes happen because of issues that would not have been apparent prior to removing the old roof; these issues include water-damaged roof decks and pre-existing structural issues. Having an emergency budget in addition to the quoted project cost can alleviate a lot of stress associated with such changes. Ten to 20% of your roofing replacement cost is often sufficient.

Exchange Contact Information With Your Contractor

Unless you plan on being on-site as your new roof is being installed, you should make it a point to exchange contact information with the installation team leader. In addition to a phone number, provide an email address or your instant messenger username, in case you need to exchange photos and documents. This also helps make it easier for situations that need a quick decision.

Choose Your Contractor Carefully

It goes without saying that you should only hire someone you trust, but unless you already have a go-to contractor, you will want to take your time in choosing the right one for the job. A list of criteria can fill a blog post on its own, but the condensed version is that the contractor should have qualifications such as a valid contractor’s license, insurance coverage that includes general liability insurance and workers’ compensation and verifiable manufacturer’s certification, to name a few. At Chase Roofing LLC, we make this easier by publishing all of these on our website.

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