What Drip Edges Are and Why Your Roof Should Have Them

What Drip Edges Are and Why Your Roof Should Have Them

Drip edges are industrial grade, galvanized steel or aluminum metal strip that are nailed to the edges of a roof. The strips are overlapped to prevent water infiltration, which can lead to damage. 

Our experienced residential and commercial roofing professionals at Chase Roofing LLC explains why every roof needs drip edges. 

What Are Drip Edges?

Drip edges are metal sheets that are typically L-shaped, installed at the edge of a roof. Without them, water can seep in underneath the shingles and cause damage in different parts of the house. Most building codes in North America now requires drip edge installation. 

What Are They For?

Cohesion, surface tension and other forces cause water droplets to stick to each other and the surfaces they’re on. A drip edge uses these forces and gravity to bring water into the gutter. The drip edge will prevent water from running down the fascia or soffit if your home doesn’t have gutters. 

Without the drip edge, water sticks to shingles, possibly seeping into the material underneath the roofing. Water may also stick to the fascia, causing rot and even leaks. 

Why Does Your Roof Need Drip Edges?

Unreliable contractors may not install drip edges on your roof. They might say that they could just extend the shingles to make water fall directly into the gutters. However, this can cause shingles on the edge of the roof to curl, dripping water behind the gutters and fascia. Your roof will eventually experience rot if it persists. 

Aside from protecting your roof from water damage, the drip edge also prevents animals and insects from getting into your attic. It prevents movements in the roof deck and fascia board, making them more structurally sound. They are available in a wide selection of colors to complement your siding and roof. 

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